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Total Diabetes Care in India and Beyond

Dr. Mohan's Diabetes Specialities Centre (DMDSC)

With over 63 million people India is home to the second largest number of people with diabetes in the world. With 16 branches and close to 300,000 registered patients, Dr. Mohanís Diabetes Specialities Centre is one of the largest diabetes centres. Itís philosophy of total diabetes care under one roof at reasonable costs, has made it very popular not only all over India but in many of the neighbouring countries as well including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Singapore, Maldives and the Middle East. The Madras Diabetes Research Foundation has been contributing to research on diabetes, epidemiology of diabetes, genomics of diabetes and food and nutrition research. As part of its outreach program the centre also provides services to over 40 villages in rural Tamil Nadu that do not have any access to diabetes care.



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