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1. Get your message out

Gov Sector

Amtrak, and their partners, had a message to get out. The partnership had worked, and WebsEdge worked with The Amtrak Police Department to profile the partnership and showcase it at the International Chiefs of Police Annual meeting in October last year, where it was put in front of chiefs of police from across the USA – demonstrating best practice in the field.

The Amtrak Police Department is committed to maintaining the safety and security of the rail-traveling public, improving the quality of life of Amtrak personnel, and safeguarding the trains and rails by building partnerships to enhance capacity to Protect America's Railroad.

Operation RAIL SAFE (Regional Alliance Including Local, State, And Federal Efforts) is a coordinated effort between the Amtrak Police Department, TSA personnel and law enforcement officers from federal, state, local, rail and transit agencies. The mission – to protect the United States transit systems.

Get your message out
2. Solving a problem

Health Sector

Definiens needed a way to showcase their product in a comprehensive and unique way whilst exhibiting at conferences. WebsEdge provided a solution in the form of the video that was produced which visualizes their product and vision. The content is flexible and can be repurposed for them to use in variety of ways and not just at a conference.

Definiens believe that they can make a major contribution to pathology by extracting and leveraging the relevant information in medical images to support better clinical decisions. Using unique technology, they can extract and quantify information from digital images to make better diagnostic and therapeutical decisions. In addition Definiens is able to correlate and mine that information so that they can help companies develop new diagnostic tests, new biomarkers and ultimately improve treatment for patients.

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3. Getting noticed

Education Sector

Benedictine is a small liberal arts university that wanted to be recognized on a wider scale. The university has an excellent program, but they needed a dynamic way to shout about their good work. WebsEdge developed a profile film for Benedictine, highlighting their programme, student support and opportunities. We screened it as part of our Conference TV efforts at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Boston in January where the University was showcased as one of the best in the USA.

Benedictine University mathematics department offers unique opportunities for its students with a variety of applications of mathematics. With interdisciplinary courses on offer, a focus towards biomathematics was becoming ever more apparent. Students at Benedictine benefit from an intimate learning environment with each member of faculty available around the clock to provide a personal support.

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